Beveled Mirrors

What is the Allure of a Beveled Mirror?


When you walk down the hall and see a beveled mirror, something about it catches your eye.  Perhaps it is the fluid transition of the beveled edge; perhaps it is the way the light is reflected.  Whatever the reason, beveled mirrors have become increasingly popular in home interior design. 

Let’s take a close look at beveled mirrors. Creating a beveled mirror is a bit more complicated than creating a traditional flat mirror.  Diamond grinding wheels take out a portion of the edge, and then polish is used to create the finished look.  This process adds work and value to the mirror, making them more expensive, generally.  This extra cost translates into something that not everyone is going to be willing to pay for, especially if you go for large custom designed mirrors. 

The attraction of a beveled mirror is more than just its shape though.  Beveled edges will reflect more light into the room, and at different angles.  They also have a unique way of bending the reflections to create either multiple images or blended images.  Either way, the reflection catches the eyes more, and creates multiple focal points for the mirror.  This means that your personal style shines through in different ways from different angles, adding another design touch to your home.

Beveled mirrors also give more choice for design and creativity.  A beveled edge can be short and have a forty five degree angle, or be stretched to a different angle and a bevel of an inch or more.  The different types of bevels will have different effects, reflect light differently and give any mirror an elegant touch.   The style of bevel you choose will depend on your personal style and decorating.

The allure of a beveled mirror is all of this and more.  The beveled edge can replace or compliment a frame giving you the ultimate in design flexibility.  A beveled mirror gives off the illusion of more space and brightens the room.  With the different options of a beveled mirror, you can add a touch of sophistication to your room design, while keeping a simple edge or pair the beveled edge with a stunning frame and make a truly bold design statement. 

No matter how you use it in your design scheme, the value added by a beveled mirror is elegance, simply put.  A framed  beveled mirror can make the perfect addition to complete the feel of your room, and add more to your personal design. 

Ready to add a beveled mirror to your room? We have dozens of styles available for immediate shipment and we can custom make mirrors of virtually any size within weeks to give you the exact look you want at prices that only a factory direct store can provide.  Call one of our knowledgeable, friendly mirror consultants toll-free today at (855) 647 7679 and let them help you pick the perfect beveled mirror for you.